Ageless, blond and beautiful Cindy Guyer is a Stamford, Connecticut native. She resides in New York City and Los Angeles. Known to her fans worldwide as the “Poster Girl for Passion”, the actress, producer, host, model, Celebrity Playmate and business woman inspires romance wherever she goes.

Guyer is most recognized for gracing the covers of thousands of romance novels. At last count, she had appeared on at least 2,000 romantic novel covers, an arguably unrivaled and unprecedented figure for a cover model associated with any commercial publication genre (digital or print). Her modeling career and prolific cover work has not only helped sell billions of books to the delight of just as many readers, but she has elevated the profile for print models catering to one of the largest retail consumer demographics on the planet.

Along with Fabio Lanzoni, Guyer has cultivated a niche in book cover modeling, been instrumental in catapulting literary publication sales, and has inspired a growing and sustainable profession for aspiring print professionals. Romance novels continue to support a billion dollar industry, exceeding the economic impact of any other category of retail consumer market for literature (fiction or nonfiction).

More recently, Guyer hosted “Mr. Romance” a TV series on the Oxygen Network, appeared as a celebrity guest and featured participant in the iconic reality hit The Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo).

Her eclectic filmography, includes credits for the “The Perfect Nanny”, “Jack’s Back”, “Fatal Kiss”, “Hit and Runway”, “Cool Blue”, “Psycho Cop”, “Soldier’s Fortune” which were primarily costarring roles. She was featured in “The Mirror Has Two Faces”, and even appeared in the animated comedy “Space Ghost Coast to Coast”.

The bi-coastal restaurateur has owned two dining establishments and in 2016 opened Guyer’s as the sole proprietor on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. In addition to running the Columbus Ave. establishment, she is the spokesperson for and a new face for cosmetic giant Elizabeth Arden, Inc., a subsidiary of Revlon, Inc.